Technical reports

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Allan Neilson : Bus Motive Power Options Comparison. Diesel - hybrid - trolley - battery
Booze Allen Hamilton report from 2005 favouring retention of trolley buses  
Public health concerns with the deployment of yet more diesel buses, many of them quite old.
Environmental impact of trolley bus removal by Sustainable Cities & Victoria University Wellington
What Wellington should have moved to. Modern trolleys buses capable of running on and off wire.
A technical paper from Denmark about batteries used in public transport buses
An in depth engineering and economic report covering trolley bus installations and operations, comprising 167 pages
  The following are largely historical now that the trolley bus infrastructure has been vandalised by the GWRC
Paul Bruce's Sustainable Solutions Wellington web site.
Paul Bruce's presentation to the GWRC Feb 2017 to retain the trolley bus network.
Mike Flynn, former Wellington City Transport manager, reports on the 2014 transport plan.
Allan Neilson's independent assessment of the trolley infrastructure.
PWC Bus Fleet configuration evaluation
Jacobs report on the trolley infrastructure.
SKM Trolley Bus Operation of Bus Rapid Transport
Wellington Electricity Lines Ltd. Supply options